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I’m one of those pages that’s going to be abandoned one day.

It won’t even be a pretty page. It’ll be blood and tears over pulp and paper and, honestly, it’s better not to have a page of me at all.

No one wants to rewrite someone else’s history. The weight of responsibility, the weight of what-if and could-have-been.
- Anterograde & Arbitrage

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" 勇気は一瞬、後悔は一生ってね。
Courage requires only one moment, whereas regret will last a lifetime. "
- Santa Shizu (via tsuyu-rin)

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A girl that have done many things to idols that physically hurt them. Here are list of things she have done

  1. Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it to Himchan before the stage. Here’s the video that shows Himchan sweating like crazy. [VIDEO] 
  2. Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee and gave it to DBSK UKNOW YUNHO. After that, he had to go to the ER because he had a seizure.
  3. She tried giving hydrochloric acid to B1A4 Baro but failed.  *Hydrochloric acid can melt the organs in a human body if they drink it wrong.*
  4. She tried giving benzene to Infinite L but failed
  5. She tried giving Dongwoo from Infinite something weird to eat but failed.
  6. She was a sasaeng fan of Infinite and bothered Dongwoo A LOT when she figured out his phone number.
  7. Etc.

She did many things to other idols but these are like the highlights. She also make predictions about the future and it came all true. Just like what she said. She made a prediction that in 2014, a really popular idol will die.

And her next target is apparently EXO Sehun. 

A lot of Korean EXO stans are aware of this, so  a lot of fans are thinking of going to Idol Star Olympic and keep a close eye on Sehun. They are going to scream “DON’T EAT IT!” if anyone try giving Sehun some food.



 (+ Addition) A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE JUMPING INTO CONCLUSIONS THAT SEHUN MIGHT NOT BE  YEOSHIN’S REAL TARGET! Like what if she’s using Sehun as a distraction when her target is another EXO member, or even another idol???


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Xiumin’s disapproving noises when layhan were teasing him as your RINGTONE~

Xiumin’s Ttek Ttek Ttek

Xiumin’s Psshh

Xiumin’s Uljima

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